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Hey there welcome to PJRPG site the RPG site for Percy Jackson And the Olympians Series and Heroes of Olympus. You may RP once you have a character have fun RPing!


 Molianne Patterson

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((Lexi approved VIA PM))

Name: Molianne "Moli" Patterson

Age: 16 (Birthday: June 15th)

Height: 5'6

Hair: Moli, unlike other children of Apollo, has curled dark brown hair instead of blonde. She has light brown natural highlights too, though, so it makes her hair seem goldish brown in the sun. Her hair is long and ends mid back though she usually ties it up in a messy bun or ponytail to keep it out of her face when she's fighting though her bangs still get in her eyes. Sometimes, people would remark that her hair smells like strawberries from her strawberry shampoo.

Eyes: Moli has the classic blue eyes of an Apollo child. Okay, we'll, not classic. Unlike her siblings, her eyes are a sweet shade of blue/grey framed with long and thick eyelashes that she tends to flutter when she tries to persuade someone to do something.

Body type: Moli is slim and lithe with an athetic figure from training. You'd think her skin would get tan but it doesn't and as she likes to say, "I think my dad just wants me to be a ghost because my skin is so pale". Which of course, is an exaggeration but if you saw her up against one of her tanned siblings, you might beg to differ.

Personality: You can't really identify Moli as a daughter of Apollo by her looks but you can definitely do so by her personality. She is very bubbly and happy. She is always seen bouncing around or walking with and endearing spring in her step and a bright smile on her face but that may be because her ADHD is worse than most demigods. She can act mature but even she admits that ninety two percent of the time, she acts childish from sticking her tongue out to pouting.

God Parent: Apollo, god of the sun, poetry, medicine, archery, and Artemis' twin brother.

Mortal Parent: Cassidy Young

Siblings*: Obviously any other demigod child of Apollo but she does have five blood related siblings. One dead baby sister, another dead older sister, and three older dead brothers.

Powers: Moli can set her arrows on fire from concentrating to build up the heat, she's heat/flame resistant, she can heal people with light itself, and she also has the training from Camp Half Blood crammed into her knowledge.

Pets: She has a dog named Argos (Like Odyseuss' dog) that was a stray mechanical creation made by a dead Hephaestus camper so she claimed it as her own. It doesn't look mechanical at all though, looking more like a German shepard.

Origin (Birth Place): Albany, New York but she moved to Long Island soon after.

Weapon*: She has a spear from the first monster she ever killed, a dracanae, a set of solid gold bow and arrows, and a spare celestial bronze knife.

Rp Example**: Moli was overwhelmed. Only minutes ago had she been welcomed into a world full of Greek monsters and gods but her family had also died. Now, there she was, sitting in the Hermes Cabin completely shocked into silence. The demigod that had informed her of the Greek myths being real scampered off and Moli thought, 'Great, thanks, dude. Leave me stranded here.' Shaking her head, she got up to go talk to the "centaur" named Chiron again when a blazing symbol appeared above her head.
"All hail...Uh, this girl, daughter of Apollo."
"...Shut up," Moli snapped at the demigod who'd scampered back in. "You were the one who wanted to leave me clueless about this whole ordeal!"

Life previous to CHB**: Molianne used to live with her three brothers, one sister, and, one baby sister, with two of her parents (One is a step dad) in Albany, New York.. On one fateful trip to Long Island, New York, they were all attacked in an alley by a dracanae Armed with a spear. You'd think it was easy for them to take on the dracanae what with there being eight of them but none of them were armed with celestial bronze/imperial gold and all of them were oblivious to the godly world so when they saw the dracanae (Well, in her baby sister's, big sister's, three brothers, and parents case, they saw a bear escaped from the Zoo) they ran and cried and screamed for help. Eventually, the dracanae killed her family and Moli managed to kill it with it's own spear. When she did, she found herself in front of Camp Half Blood and injured from the fight. The Campers saw her and took her in.

Notes about your charrie: If you need more information about her appearance, here's a link:
Moli also has a weird low tolerance for horses...
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Molianne Patterson
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