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Hey there welcome to PJRPG site the RPG site for Percy Jackson And the Olympians Series and Heroes of Olympus. You may RP once you have a character have fun RPing!

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 Allan Campbell

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Allan Campbell

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PostSubject: Allan Campbell   Tue Oct 16, 2012 3:16 pm

Name:Allan Campbell
Age: 15
Height: 6,12
Hair: Jet Black
Eyes: Hazel
Body type: Slim
Personality: Dark but fun once you get to know him.
God Parent: Hecate
Mortal Parent: Connor Campbell
Siblings*: None
Powers: Magic
Pets: Polecat ferret named Kenny.
Origin (Birth Place): Scotland
Weapon*: Torches (Fire Type)
Rp Example**:
Allan stood opposite to the man who had been chasing him. He shouted aloud "tenebris, vos ego appello," and suddenly many shadows cloaked him. He then shouted "tenebris, expelle canis praecisae" and the shadows wrapped around the man, pulling him down into the ground. Allan walked away, wiping his hands.
Life previous to CHB**: Allan lived with his Aunt and Uncle and went to School, just like every other kid. Until the Event happened. Him and his friend were reading a book and there was Latin in it. Allan read it alive and suddenly, he was in Mexico. Allan ran until someone found him and told him what he was.
Notes about you charrie:
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PostSubject: Re: Allan Campbell   Fri Oct 26, 2012 12:17 am

Good except problem describe your powers, a torch is not a weapon a sword or a knife made of celestial bronze would be one the rest is good.
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Allan Campbell
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