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Hey there welcome to PJRPG site the RPG site for Percy Jackson And the Olympians Series and Heroes of Olympus. You may RP once you have a character have fun RPing!

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 Avaline Starbuck

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Ian K.

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PostSubject: Avaline Starbuck   Sun Oct 07, 2012 7:33 pm

Name:Avaline (Avy) Starbuck
Height:5' 4"
Hair: wavy blond
Eyes: blue
Body type:skinny
Personality: bubly, girlish, sweet
God Parent: Tyche
Mortal Parent: Laurence Starbuck (father created starbucks)
Siblings*: Madeline Starbuck (Half-sister)
Powers: Has lots of good luck
Pets: Golden retriever, Lucky
Origin (Birth Place): Rome (not in Italy), NY
Weapon*: Maul (big hammer)
Rp Example**: Avy walked into the cabin with painted peace signs all over it. All around the cabin was clover, and a horseshoe was hung above the door. As she walked in, Avy was suddenly felt pretty confident. All of her asperations of coming to this starge camp were gone. She felt like she can do anything and everything. Then, she relized her dog wasn't with her. "Lucky!" she called, Here boy!"
Then a big golden retriever came bolting towards her. "Good boy" Avy cooned, rubbing Lucky's head. Then, she heard a bark, she looked up and saw a German shepard running at her doorway. The dog runs past her and barks happily at Lucky who's in the middle of the room.The door crouchs down and way her tail, ready to play. Then they run out of the cabin together and began chasing each other in the courtyard.
"Bella?" someone yells from across the courtyard. Out of the stone building with green torches in front, comes a girl with long brown hair with a sword strapped to her belt. Then the shepard, Bella, Avy supposes, run over to her, leaving Lucky alone. The girl pats her head then walks over to Avy. "Hi. I'm Meaghan, daughter of Hades. I live right across from you with my sister Tulip. What's your name?"
Life previous to CHB**: Lived in Rome NY, with her dad and grandpa. Her grandpa started the coffee shop chain know as Starbuck's. When on vacation to New Jersey, sirens. She fell over board and blacked out. Avy woke up on the camp beach.
Notes about you charrie: Grandpa started Starbucks.
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Avaline Starbuck
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