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Hey there welcome to PJRPG site the RPG site for Percy Jackson And the Olympians Series and Heroes of Olympus. You may RP once you have a character have fun RPing!

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 Where's Mormo?

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Ian K.

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PostSubject: Where's Mormo?   Thu Oct 04, 2012 7:46 pm

Ian was in his room, reading a book given him to his half-sister, Miranda, from her library. Its was about minor Underwold gods. There were A LOT. He was on "M". Ian skipped down and found one that caught his eye. It said:

Mormo: god of vampirism and bats; son of Infintus and Seriola; spouse of Hecate. No know myths.

Ian only stopped to read it because it mentioned his mom. He had never heard of Mormo before. Ian desided he would ask her. Hecate had given him and his sister, Julianna, a spell to transport them safely to her home in Tartarus.
Ian tip-toed out of his room, through the game room that his room was connected to, and into the commons room. Then he went to the dark oaken door that leads to the armory. In the back, there was a door labeled "Julianna".
Ian knockec and said "Open up, Jules, it's me."
"K, wait." Ian heard footsteps and Julie opened the door. "what do you want now? Can I spend time with Meaghan alone?" she said as she brushed a stray hair away from her glasses. Meaghan was his and Julianna's friend. She was a daughter of Hades, she could control earth and precious metals.
"You wanna go over Mom's? You know I can't go without another child of Hecate. I wanna ask her a question to tell the students in spell class."
"Can I bring Meaghan?"
"We can try. Let's go." He pushes past Julie in to her room. Sitting on a couch was Meaghan, looking at an athame.
"You coming Meaghan?"
"My mom's" says Julie as she walks over.
"OK, what do I have to do?" Meaghan gets up and says to Julie "Can I keep this knife? I love how it's so curvy."
"Sure. Now get over here; you need to hold our wristsor you'll get left behind." Meaghan walks over and grabs hold of Ian and Julie's wrists.
"I'm ready when you are, Ian" she says.
"Ready, Julie?"
"Yep, let's do this."
And together they chant: "Ianue Magicae nobis ad Hecate, dea habentis maleficia, quadriuiis et manes, ut nos consequi potest, consilio per eam benigne concilium et infinitia sapientia!" Then everything goes white...

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Where's Mormo?
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