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Hey there welcome to PJRPG site the RPG site for Percy Jackson And the Olympians Series and Heroes of Olympus. You may RP once you have a character have fun RPing!

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 Melinoe's Quest

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Ian K.

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PostSubject: Melinoe's Quest   Mon Oct 01, 2012 7:35 pm

Ugh, thought Meaghan, Why did I do this stupid quest in the first place? Her and best friends Ian and Julie were picked by Melinoe, goddess of ghosts to help her steal back her Underworld key. The daughters of Phlegethon, goddes of the Underworld river of fire, stole it to help get their mom more recognized. The first sister, Ginger, was fighting with Julie. Ginger's fireballs bounced right off Julie's magic shield. Ian was swinging his swinging his whip around slashing the two other sisters, Lia and Keira, in the faces and knocking their spears out of their hands. Meaghan, was too busy fighting Phlegethon herself and and was losing badly. Right now, the goddes was kneeling on her chest, trying to punch her with her flaming hands. Meaghan was underground in her father's kingdom. She could feel the energy of her home turf all around her. But fighting a goddess that has her power source 30 feet away sitting on her wasn't the easiest feat.
"This is why you don't mess with goddesses, little brat! Twisted Evil" says Phlegethon. She raises her hand to give the final blow, when they both hear a couple of "ughs" and an "AHHHHH!" Meaghan feels th load of the goddess taken off of her as Ian tackles her and pushes her sideways.They both rollaround, grappling, then Phlegethon pushes Ian off.
"Thats enough!" she yells.She raises her arms the flaming waters of her shoot up into a geyser. Drops fall down everywhere burning the ground. As the dropslets hit MEaghan she sreams, gets up, and runs to the rocks. She ducks under one and thinks up a plan. She uses her powers to form Ginger's mace into a ball, the levatates/throws the ball at Phlegethon. Its hits her strait in the chest and the geyser stops.
This gives Ian enough time to say the incatation to spell: "Ligabis Eos!" All of the girls become as still as statues, including the knocked out Lia and Keira and the still consious Ginger, whose eyes dart around wondering why she can't move or send out anymore fireballs. Phlegethon, spread eagle on the ground, can only move her head. She spits curses at them.
Julie comes and says, "Well that was fun," she spits out a little bit of blood from her mouth. Ian, who can barely stand up from all the enegry it took trying to freeze a goddess and her three daughters, says "should we interrogate her now?" He limps over.
"Sure," says Meaghan, "care to do the honors, Julie?"
"Fine: so, FlemmyJohn, where's the key?"
"First of all, it's Phleg-eth-on, you imbicile! And besides, why would i tell you? I deserve some egnoligment! My river runs throught the Underworld's Fields of Punishment! Hades made me in charge here!" screams the goddess as she shakes her head wildly, trying to brake free of the enchantment.
"OK then, the hard way it is," says Julie, "Dolore Ab Intra!"
Phlegethon makes a sound like she's choking as her face gets red and her eyes seem to bulge out of her skull. "STOP! STOP! OH GODS, STOP! AHHHHHHH! PLEASE! PLEASE! MAKE THE PAIN STOP!" she sreams as the spell takes over, "I"LL DO ANYTHING! TAKE THE KEY! TAKE IT! JUST MAKE IT STOP!"
Julie takes the spell away and says, "OK, so where is it?"
"Around my neck." Ian bends down and takes off the goddesses necklace; he shoves it in his pocket.
"K, guys. Lets go back to the ghost lady" he says. They begin the long walk back to the cave and left the goddess and her daughters frozen.
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Melinoe's Quest
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