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Hey there welcome to PJRPG site the RPG site for Percy Jackson And the Olympians Series and Heroes of Olympus. You may RP once you have a character have fun RPing!

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 Achaylia Delamiro

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PostSubject: Achaylia Delamiro   Sun Apr 22, 2012 12:13 am

~Achaylia Delamiro~

"I fell in love with being defiant
In a pick-up truck that roared like a lion."


5 foot four inches

Dark (border-line black)


Body type:
Strong, slim, flexible


She loves to party. And she's been drinking since she was fourteen just to defy her mother. So let's review: She's the popular party princess who adores attention and she's a rebel who dislikes her mother. Hands up who's the same? Unfortunately, she's also not the brightest crayon in the box and she doesn't read much.

God Parent:
Dionysus. Our very own Mr D has a daughter! Let's give him a hand everybody!

Mortal Parent:
Kayla Delamiro is the unfortunate mother of Achaylia.

Acar~ the quiet and bookish one apprently.

She is resistant to getting drunk. Can grow strawberries and grapes by playing her flute. The power takes fifteen minutes to get a decent and healthy vine with a decent amount of good tasting fruit. She gets weakened as she plays and has to sit down for a long time, perhaps sleep depending on the amount of fruit grown.



Origin (Birth Place):

Her flute can kinda be used as a weapon. Well, thanks to the Hepheastus cabin, when she flicks a special switch, it turns into a sword! Start the oooh and aaaahing now, if you like.

Rp Example**:
Achaylia smiled as she slashed her celestial bronze flute at the monster. It was capture the flag and she had gone astray from the game by accident. She flicked the switch and changed the sword back into the flute. She dodged and played a transposed version of Claire de Lune. As the beautiful tune played, vines began to grow. Tiring as she did this, she trapped the monster and stopped playing. She switched back to the sword.

"You're gonna get it now, then, ain't cha, big boy?" she laughed and swung her sword.

Life previous to CHB**:
Achaylia lived in Rome from birth to the age of five when her mother took a job in America. She was moved over there to Little Rock, Arkansas, where she attended Elementary, Middle and eventually High School. Rebelling against her mother, her first drink was at the age of fourteen at a high school party. She had offered her brother to come but appeared to be at the party alone. She slept over a friend's house but realised she wasn't drunk quite early on. She started going to more and more parties, resorting to anti-social behaviour to rebel instead of the drink. Upsetting most of her family, she ran away from home to apprently marry in Vegas. In reality, she'd been scared by the monsters she'd been seeing lately so she took off for camp.

Notes about you charrie:
Face Claim- Cristine Prosperi
Acar is being made and RPed by Blake.
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Katherine Blossom

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PostSubject: Re: Achaylia Delamiro   Sun Apr 22, 2012 9:59 am


[spoiler=Katherine Blossom, By Diana Star]
^thanks to Diana Star
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Achaylia Delamiro
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