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Hey there welcome to PJRPG site the RPG site for Percy Jackson And the Olympians Series and Heroes of Olympus. You may RP once you have a character have fun RPing!

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 Eddie Riggs, son of Apollo.

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PostSubject: Eddie Riggs, son of Apollo.   Sat Apr 14, 2012 7:44 pm

Camp Half blood Form:

Name:Edward "Eddie" Riggs
Body type:Heavy, Muscular Build
Personality:Eddie's personality can be immature at times, and he is almost always sarcastic and snarky. However, he also knows when it's time to be serious, and is an efficient and capable leader of men. He also knows that, as a roadie, his place isn't in the leadership of an army - a fact proven upon his initial meeting with Lars Halford. Eddie is also friendly and a good advisor, when people have doubts of what they can do, Eddie supports them and helps them realize how strong and powerful they really are. Eddie also has a strong sense of justice in him when someone is being attacked or discriminated, like when Doviculus killed Lars, Eddie would stop at nothing to defeat him and avenge his friends. When it comes to Ophelia, Eddie can't help but feel strongly about her. He was partly jealous of Lars when Ophelia acknowledges him instead of Eddie, but he doesn't let it change the way he thinks of his friends. Even when Ophelia was taken in by the Drowning Doom, Eddie still loved her, and he was willing to do whatever it took to save her.
God Parent: Apollo
Mortal Parent:Succoria Riggs, Daughter of Ares
Powers: He can make wings out of pure light, and use them to fly.
Pets:Wild Beasts via the Call of the Wild Solo
Origin (Birth Place): United States
Weapon*:The Seperator(battle axe), Clementine(Magic Guitar)
Rp Example**:A good roadie knows his whole job is to make someone else look good, keep someone else safe, help someone else do what they were put here to do. A good roadie stays out of the spotlight. If he's doing his job right, you don't even know he's there. Once in a while he might step on stage just to fix a problem, to set something right. But then before you even realize he was there or what he did, he's gone. Eddie lived motto his whole life, always living inthe shadows, always fixing other people's problems. that was before. now, he just got attacked by some S&M wearing demon with an axe. he stole the thing's axe, and beheaded the demon. since then, Eddie's been on the run, chased by all sorts of demons in restrictive leather garments. odd that he was so good with the axe. He never touched an axe before. He looked at his guitar, Clementine. Why'd he even bring it with? he played a few chords, then jumped in surprise as some demons sneaking up on him got fried by lightning. sweet.
Life previous to CHB**:Eddie used to have a dream job turned nightmare. who doesn't want to work for a band? Well, if that band happens to play music that's a horrible knockoff of Heavy Metal, you know what I mean by dream job turned nightmare. Kabbage Boy had absolutely no respect for him or for the "Heavy Metal" they supposedly descended from. after a demon attack killed the band, and tried to finish off Eddie, he relinquished an Axe known as the Seperator from a Demon, and fought his way free, and made it to Camp after many dangers.
Notes about you charrie:He is also a skilled guitarist, able to perfectly read tabulature and shred with Clementine surprisingly well. He can use the Separator almost perfectly, even though he admits that he'd never touched an axe before. This may or may not be from the influence of having a mother who was a child of the War god, Ares. Eddie is also very strong. As he was assembling the Druid Plow he lifted its body and frame with ease.
Clementine Abilities:The guitar can electrocute and burn enemies for continual damage. Clementine is also capable of playing solos, which act as spells. These can do anything from summon cars and beasts to melting enemy faces. Solo List: (click them for details)
Relic Raiser anytime there's a relic, marked by the Devil Thorns
Summon Deuce anytime, anywhere
Anvil of Burden 6 times a day
Facemelter 5 times a day
Bring it on Home 2 times a day
Battle Cry 6 times a day
Rock Block 4 times a day
Call of the Wild 6 times a day
Light of DawnOnce a day


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PostSubject: Re: Eddie Riggs, son of Apollo.   Sat Apr 14, 2012 9:27 pm

He's making them out of light. that is the power
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Eddie Riggs, son of Apollo.
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