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Hey there welcome to PJRPG site the RPG site for Percy Jackson And the Olympians Series and Heroes of Olympus. You may RP once you have a character have fun RPing!

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 Son and Daughter of Zeus

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Blake Linely

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PostSubject: Son and Daughter of Zeus   Wed Apr 11, 2012 6:39 pm

Camp Half blood Form:
Name:Luna Castro (Girl)
Body type:Skinny
God Parent:Zeus
Mortal Parent:Sarah Castro
Siblings*:Solar Castro
Powers:Atmokenesis (Control over weather) Electrokinesis (Control over lightning)
Pets:Kato the cat
Origin (Birth Place):Greece
Weapon*:A Celestial Bronze Spear
Rp Example**:I ran down the street with monsters behind me. Since I was the daughter of Zeus. Many monsters came after me. I slid into a bush, and the monsters didn't see me and they past by.
Life previous to CHB**:Luna was a girl that was so quiet the teacher didn't even notice her. She used to just read every day in school. Every day she went to the library. Her brother was the opposite. He was loud and athletic.
Notes about you charrie:

Camp Half blood Form:
Name:Solar Castro
Body type:Skinny
Personality:Loud and Athletic unlike his sister
God Parent:Zeus
Mortal Parent:Sarah Castro
Siblings*:Luna Castro (twin)
Powers:same as Luna
Pets:Marsh the dog
Origin (Birth Place):Greece
Weapon*:Celestial Bronze Sword
Rp Example**: I slid inside the big bush. I saw some eyes around me. I thought it was Luna doing a trick on me. But it was actually monsters about to attack me. I ran out of the bush and into camp as fast as I could.
Life previous to CHB**:Solar was a loud and athletic boy unlike his sister. Every recess he would be playing soccer or baseball or any other sport you could think of. When he was at high school, he joined many sports teams. He was an MVP in every team. One day, a satyr came and took him and his sister to Camp Half-Blood.
Notes about you charrie:

Camp Half-Blood Characters

Blake Carson/Athena/15

Thalia Grace/Zeus/Hunter of Artemis/15 but would be 20

Solar Castro/Zeus/14
Solar Castro, By Diana Star:

Luna Castro/ Zeus/14
Luna Castro, By Diana Star:

Acar Delamiro/Dionysus

Camp Jupiter Characters

Kendra Mayn/Ceres

Nando Arsonel/Neptune

Janine Recke/Jupiter

Mason Charter/Vulcan
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PostSubject: Re: Son and Daughter of Zeus   Wed Apr 11, 2012 6:53 pm

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Son and Daughter of Zeus
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