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Hey there welcome to PJRPG site the RPG site for Percy Jackson And the Olympians Series and Heroes of Olympus. You may RP once you have a character have fun RPing!

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 Nico(This was already Approved via Pm's btw)

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Dylan Gross

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PostSubject: Nico(This was already Approved via Pm's btw)   Tue Apr 10, 2012 8:06 pm

Name: Nico di Angelo

Age: 14(according to how he ages between each book)


Physical Description: He is said to have dark brown-black hair that always looks like he just got out of bed (messy and shaggy), olive skin that has paled over the course of The Battle of the Labyrinth, dark eyes, and wears mostly black. By the end of The Battle of the Labyrinth, he has a silver skull ring which is said to belong to his father, stated by Hazel, and he has a Stygian Iron sword always by his side in his chain belt.

Personality Description: Nico is a grim and solitary and definitely a powerful character saying that “only the dead respect me... and only out of fear." He believes that he will never be accepted by the living, and does not belong at Camp Half-Blood in comparison of his father feeling out of place at Olympus.
Nico can be somewhat unreliable at times. Nico is also a very caring person towards others and loves his family, even half-siblings

History: Nico di Angelo was born before World War ll leaving the oath that Hades swore along with his brothers unbroken. He had an older sister named Bianca and they both lived in Washington DC. Their mother was killed by Zeus whom struck their hotel with lightning intending to kill the siblings. Hades protected the two however, but wasn't able to save their mother. In anger and remorse Hades ordered Alecto to take the children to the Lotus Casino, meanwhile Hades talked to and cursed the original Oracle out of rage at Zeus. Nico and Bianca were also bathed in the River Lethe upon Hades's orders so that their memories were wiped of what had occured. After about 70 years(one month to them) Alecto, disguised as a lawyer, came and got the siblings from the Casino and sent them to a military school in Bar Harbor known as Westover Hall.

Throughout the Titan's Curse. Nico is a tweleve year old boy that played a game called Mythomagic. He and Bianca were rescued from the manticore, Dr. Thorn, by Percy, Annabeth, Grover, and a now reborn Thalia whom had been turned into a tree sometime before the Lightning Thief. The group loses Annabeth in the clash but are encountered by the Hunter's of Artemis whom Bianca pledges herself too. The demigods and the hunters are then brought to CHB by Apollo on his sun chariot. During the time at camp Nico has a great time and makes friends with most everyone. After the prophecy is given by the oracle, Nico eavesdrops on Bianca and Zoë speaking to each other and he is caught by Percy, whom he makes promise to protect Bianca. The night after the quest of the Titan's Curse, Percy tries to explain to Nico why Bianca died, but Nico immediately hates Percy. They are confronted by 4 skeletal warriors that are encountered during the quest of the book. Nico yells at them to 'Go Away!' and they are swallowed by a fissure in the ground. A scared Nico runs away from the scene and Percy realizes that Nico is the son of Hades.

Nico, during the Battle of the Labyrinth, is seen first being trained to summon ghost, by King Minos. Nico is unsuccessful is summoning his sister and strikes a deal with his father saying, "a soul for a soul." Percy, whom had been watching through an Iris Message, think Nico is after him, but Nico is after somebody else. Throughout BTL Nico is seen with a feeling of hatefulness, and spite towards Percy because of his belief that Percy didn't keep his promise. Nico is saved by Percy at the Triple G Ranch despite the fact that he didn't want to be and then later Nico is tricked by Minos into going back into the maze, and during the battle at Daedalus's workshop, Nico opens a fissure in the ground sending Minos back to the underworld. While doing this he exclaimed that he was the Ghost King and not Minos. Nico and the rest of them retreat back into the Labyrinth and run into Kronos along the way. Desperately trying to save everyone he reveals to Kronos that he is a son of Hades by summoning a wall of black stone. They escaped Kronos and before returning to camp encountered Pan, whom said nothing to Nico. Back at camp Nico feels out of place in the camp and doesn't participate in the sing-along, nor does he eat with anyone. He summons Bianca's spirit one last time and then tells Percy that he's is leaving and that he feels he doesn't belong in the camp much like Hades feels about Olympus. Before going though he accepts the Hades figurine that Bianca had died getting for him. A little while later Nico returns and, after accepting a piece of cake from Percy, goes inside with Percy to talk about his secret plan to beat Kronos.

During the Demigod Files, Nico, along with Percy and Thalia, is summoned by Persephone to find the Sword of Hades. They completed the quest and Nico decided to stay with his father in the Underworld. Before Percy left Nico reminded him of his plan.

Nico's role in TLO began with him eavesdropping on the titans at their base and then telling Percy again about the plan, to bathe in the River Styx and gain the curse of Achilles. Nico then is seen talking with Lenus and Juniper over the disappearance of Grover and Percy, him and Mrs. O'Leary then go to Connecticut to meet Mrs. Castellan, whom mistakes Percy for her son Luke. After which they travel to the Underworld where Percy has been tricked into coming to by Nico so he can get information about his mother. Percy is trapped by Hades and then rescued by Nico. Nico takes Percy to the River Styx and tells him what he must do to obtain the curse of Achilles. After this Percy escapes and Nico learns the truth of his past, his mother's death, the lawyer's true identity, and everything else that was kept from him. Soon after this he convinces his father to help the camp and along side his father, Nico summoned wave after wave of undead warriors to battle Kronos's army. After this Nico goes to camp and is happy to be excepted by everyone with Percy saying to him,"If you come into battle with a hundred undead soldiers to save the day, you're everyone's best friend." Nico is last seen in the book ordering undead workers around whom are building Cabin 13, Hades's Cabin.

In The Lost Hero Nico doesn't appear but is mentioned to be helping in the search for Percy who has gone MIA Between series.

Nico is next seen in the Son of Neptune as an Ambassador of Pluto to Camp Jupiter. It is revealed towards the end that he has been taken captive by Gaea and is now MIA. He can only be found when the 7 prophesized demigods find the Doors of Death.


Rp Example: “These people..these mortals. If only they knew the truth of people like me. If only they could understand what kind of world they are living in right now.” Nico said to himself as he stood on the edge of the Empire State Building. The sun was shining brightly on his pale skin and his black leather duster was flowing in the wind. He looked pretty bored at the moment, not an uncommon look, but this time it had meaning. He was bored and he wished that some how the people that walked on the street below him could understand just how dangerous of a world they live in. Not the dangers that they see everyday, no those are easy to understand, it’s the ones that they don’t see. The monsters that hide in their thoughts and dreams, that hide in plain site because of the Mist. Those are the dangers that Nico wished they could comprehend. A very far from possible hope, but still a hope all the same. He sighed and then looked up at the New York skyline wondering if he would find another sibling of his standing on one of the roofs. He didn’t though, as always.

He sighed again and then repositioned his sheath and then with just another glance he looked down to the streets below and without a second thought, he dropped. He fell grabbing the attention of nearly everyone below and after a few moments he gave a very faint smirk as he appeared in at the top of Half-Blood Hill. He walked down the hill and greeted some of the people in camp and welcomed some of the newer campers. He didn’t stay around anyone too long though because he felt, as always, out of place in the Camp. His feelings changed after the war with Kronos had ended but he still had that feeling that he didn’t belong.

He greeted a few more people, but soon he reached the Big House and quickly walked around the porch to find Mr. D and Chiron playing there usual game of pinochiol. He cleared his throat and waited a minute until Chiron noticed him.

“Nico, good to see you again.” Chiron said as he saw the young son of Hades standing there.

“Thanks Chiron. Mind if I sit in for a round before I leave again?” He asked them, mostly Mr. D. though since it was pretty much up to him.

Dionysus looked up for the first time when Nico asked to sit in for a round, “Of course. Take a seat Nico.” He responded with a faintly happy tone. He was glad that someone would like to join him and Chiron for a game of pinochiol, even it was for a short time.

Nico nodded and took a seat. He stayed around and played a few rounds of the card game, chatting with Chiron about some of his travels and enjoying the hospitality that Mr. D. was giving him for wanting to join their game. But soon after a the rounds came and went he apologized to each of them saying that it was probably time for him to go. He promised Mr. D. and Chiron that he would be back again to play a few games of pinochiol, and then without warning or hesitation he vanished. His destination was Camp Jupiter, and then back to the Underworld to be among those that he felt comfortable around.

Paragraph on why I would be good to Rp Nico: To be perfectly honest, I don’t really know any good reasons why I should Rp as Nico. I only chose him because he was a character that I really liked in the series and a person who I figured I could get best into character with. Besides the ending of my Rp example, I thought that my example showed that I could get really into the idea of playing a character like Nico. He’s a powerful demigod that thinks he doesn’t belong anywhere except in the Underworld at his father’s side when everyone has shown him the they think he does belong. And after all that’s what brought all of us together was because I’m sure we all felt the same way Nico feels and we became friends because we all had that in common with each other. Really to me Nico shows the side of us that wants to feel a sense of belonging that we haven’t found yet.

And that’s about all I got so let’s see if this app is approved

Nico di Angelo/Hades-14-single
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PostSubject: Re: Nico(This was already Approved via Pm's btw)   Tue Apr 10, 2012 8:28 pm

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Nico(This was already Approved via Pm's btw)
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